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Conversation With Yasmeen Khan, Senior Rare Book Conservator





Hakīm (alternative transcription Hakeem) indicates a "wise man" or "physician", or in general, a practitioner of herbal medicine, especially of Unani and Islamic medicine (via Wikipedia)

Mullah: a Muslim learned in Islamic theology and sacred law.

Naqchbandi: a major Sunni spiritual order of Sufism. It got its name from Baha-ud-Din Naqshband Bukhari and traces its spiritual lineage to the Islamic prophet Muhammad, through Abu Bakr, who his father-in-law , a companion and successor of Muhammad. Some Naqshbandi masters trace their lineage through Ali,[1] his son-in-law and successor, in keeping with most other Sufis.[2][3]

Gaddi Nasheen The Gaddi looks after the shrine and carries out significant rituals

Maulvi (Mawlawi) is an honorific Islamic religious title given to Muslim religious scholars or Ulema preceding their names, similar to the titles MaulanaMullah, or Shaykh. Mawlawi generally means highly qualified Islamic scholar.

Dera Ismail Khan: British Cantonment town in KPK Province of Pakistan

Dera Ismail Khan: British Cantonment town in KPK Province of Pakistan



Rita Feldman's Journey

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I was born in the beautiful very modern, though very ancient, 2000 years old city, named Tashkent. It is the capital of Uzbekistan, back then a part of the Soviet Union, now it is an independent country in the Middle Asia. In 1993 my family had to leave our homeland because of the etnic problems that not-native, not-Uzbek people started to face in Uzbekistan. We emigrated to America, and we were recognized as a political refugees. The organizations that helped us to move choose the city of Birmingham Al as a place where we were suppose to build our life almost from the sketch. It was hard,very hard, but eventually we did it, though we are still working on it. 🙂. I have many professions, starting with a chemical engineering, computer programming,  tour guiding, but all my life I was attracted to working with the people, their outer, and inner conditions and states. That's why for my professional life in America I chose to work as a skin care specialist,  massage therapist, and also I do energy healing - I am a Reiki Master, I do Past life regressions, and I facilitate Family Systemic Constellations - powerful therapy that is dealing with a history of people's families, and how it influence our current lives. I have my own business called "Rita’s Touch" since 1998, and this year we are going to celebrate 20 years of it's successful service to the people of Birmingham. 

Rita and her mother Genia

Rita and her mother Genia

Rita and her son Maksim.

Rita and her son Maksim.